Possible Grants

ArtistsInspire Muti-year Grants

Support for schools and artists from Quebec's English-speaking communities to connect through hands-on creative experiences.

DEADLINE: November 30, 2019

ACE Initiative

(Arts, Community, Education)

By supporting Artists, Community organizers, and Educators to connect and develop projects with and for members of their community, the ACE approach creates innovative opportunities for lifelong learning, developing skills and connections that contribute to personal and community vitality for everyone involved.

Interested in developing an ACE project in your school?


Maison des Arts de Laval crédit Sophie Poliquin

Cultural outings

Your schools has now the funds to take your students visit any cultural venue part of Répertoire Culture-Éducation. Ask your principal about Mesure 15186.

No application is required.

Want to know where you could go? Click here!

Picture: Maison des Arts de Laval crédit Sophie Poliquin

Workshops in schools grant

Culture à l'école

This program brings artists, writers and cultural organizations from Répertoire Culture-Education into schools to share their creative processes with students in a workshop setting.

New this year:

  • 100% of eligible expenses are now covered by the grant. (Schools will only have to cover taxes.)
  • This grant is also available to Adult-Ed and Vocational Education Schools.

DEADLINE: September 20th, 2019 Apply online!

Picture: LJA and artist Stephan Archambault

Scientific culture grant

Culture à l'école

Host a scientific workshop at your school with the help of a cultural scientific grant. The science organization most come out of the Répertoire Culture Éducation or this list.

Schools host an artist or writter grant

Culture à l'école

Have an artist work with your students for multiple weeks in your school.

Dead line October 11th 2019

Project submission form Learn more

Inspiring school grant

Mesure 15 230

Ask your principal!

Sensibilisation aux réalités autochtones Mesure 15061

Ask your principal!

The Essor Recognition Awards

Each year, the Essor Recognition Awards pay tribute to the dedicated work of teachers and other people in the education system who carry out innovative art projects based on the idea of culture. These projects foster commitment, student perseverance and educational success.

Project Submission Form Dead line


PÉLIQ_AN supports language exchange projects between groups of students from Québec’s English and French schools. Read more here.