SWLSB Cultural Committee

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier Cultural Committee is a group of passionate educators and support staff that strongly believe students can learn through authentic, creative and cultural experiences.

Current members:

Katrina Driver, Community Development Agent (Laval Senior Academy)

Isabelle Brassard, Music teacher (St-Paul Elementary)

Cathy Aznar, Arts teacher (Laval Junior Academy)

Valérie Charland, Médiation et développement (Maison des Arts de Laval)

Patricia Clohosy, Pedagogical Consultant, (Pedagogical Services Department, SWLSB)



...partnerships with arts & culture institutions and org`s (local focus)

...experiential learning opportunities that (support educators and enrich curriculum)


...and advocate on behalf of the needs of the english-speaking communities served within the SWLSB

...and celebrate the creative endeavors and cultural diversity of the communities served through the SWLSB.


...source and communicate resources and funding opportunities supporting arts and culture initiatives ( i.e. Culture in Schools, ArtistsInspire etc…)

Interested in Getting Involved?

Contact Véronique Landry